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1. Can I eat or drink in the library?

Eating or drinking in the library is not allowed. This is done to protect the library collections. 

2. Does the library have an anonymous feedback mechanism such as a Suggestion Box or Complaints Platform?

The library has an electronic  Suggestion/Complaints which upholds anonimity. Use this link to access https://library.gsu.ac.zw/index.php/services/suggestions-box. Or you can physicaly deposit your Suggestion or Complaint in the Suggestion Box situated in the library. 

The library treats all Suggestions and Complaints as important!

3. Does the library offer training to library patrons?

Yes, the library offers training. This is refered to as Information Literacy Skills Training (ILS). The GSU Library Staff offers the following guidance and training:

- Effective Literature searching using both print and electronic resources;
- Electronic referencing using Tools such as Mendeley and Zotero;
- User education amongst other trainings 
If  you are interested in having any of the above sessions done for you either individually or as a group, fill in the Registration Form.


4. How can I access Dissertations published at Gwanda State University?

Full dissertations can be obtained in the library at the Dissertation Stack, however, these are strictly  for In-house Use Only. If you are unable to find dissertations for a particular Department, kindly consult the Reference librarian on duty at the Reference Desk for assistance. 

5. How do I access Past Examination Question Papers?

There are three (3) ways of accessing Past Examination Question Papers.
a) Online - On the Library link, click on Electonic Resources the drop down menu will list with Past Examination Papers being on the list. Past Examination papers are organised by Faculty. Alternatively, on the library homepage, the Past Examination Papers link  is listed under Research and Collection.

b) You can send a detailed email requesting for the past examination papers using your institutional email to library@gsu.ac.zw 

c) You can visit the library for physical copies which are filed according to Faculty and Year.


6. How do I borrow books from the library?

You can borrow physical books by visiting the library. All registered students are bonafide members of the library. Click on the link Hours of Operation to view service hours.

You can also access the online collection any time and anywhere from various databases which include ProQuest e-book Central and Research 4Life (24/7 Hour Access). Click on the link E-book Databases to access. 


7. What are open acess resources?

Open Access Resources are research materials that have been made available to the public, free of charge. These include books and article, data and data sets, including scholarly research articles. Click on the E-resources link that will link you to open access e-books and open access e-journals.

8. What are peer reviewed articles and how do I find them?

What is peer-reviewed?

Peer-reviewed articles are also called "scholarly" or "academic" articles. 

Peer review refers to the editorial process of the journal; articles are reviewed by experts before being approved for publication.

Why is peer-review important?

The articles will be sent to academics or experts in the field who will read it and agree that it contains well-researched, relevant and original work. For this reason peer-reviewed articles are considered more credible than non peer-reviewed articles.

Finding academic articles

The library provides access to peer-reviewed resources through its range of electronic resources. Click on the A-Z Databases link to access

9. What is a Research Guide?

Research guides are a list of useful and relevant resources for a particular Department. These include databases, e-books, e-journals, encyclopedias, websites and many more, for a specific subject. These guide on resources to make use of. You can also get more ionformation in a particular field from your Faculy Librarian as well as discover other materials you were not aware of. 


10. What is a subscribed database?

 It is an electronic collection of information, organized to allow users to get that information by searching in various ways and is paid for by the library so you have free access to scholarly information. 


11. What is an electronic journal?

An e-journal is a publication, often scholarly in a computerised format and distributed electronically.


12. What is an Online Public Access Catalogue?

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is an online database of materials held by a library. Click on the OPAC link  to view the GSU catalog.

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